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Red Rhetoric is currently a work in progress but we will strive to bring you some great articles from our contributors.
Meanwhile if you fancy the idea of writing for us, please submit your work to info@redrhetoric.com , we’ll have a look at it, and if its good enough it will be featured.

5 thoughts on “Articles”

    1. Come on Dec, really! Don’t kick a team when they are down.. Jets off to a rough start this season, but they have time to turn it around, just like Man Utd. Don’t get me sarted on the Dolphins lad!

  1. Love the site.

    10 points behind Chelsea already. Massive game on Sunday. Predictions? I’m betting on a 2-2 draw.

    1. I have to go with my heart and say we’ll win it. Costa apparently going to miss the game and now Remy is out too so thats a big plus for us. 3-1 United my prediction !

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